About Hovel

Company Background

We are a one-stop industrial design, prototyping, and photography company situated in Hong Kong. We create iconic items by combining innovation, storytelling, and our own entrepreneurial experience.

Our strength stems from the combination of our skills, our ambition for self-improvement, and our ongoing search for the finest solutions.

The standard of our work is to tell a tale, a story that makes people want to buy, rather than merely a beautiful appearance.

Design is Art

Break the boundaries and reject formulaic design

Formulated advertising design will cause “promotional fatigue,” which means that readers will grow annoyed when they see same content or images over and over, harming the brand’s reputation.

Our goal is to break beyond the usual limitations of advertising design by using creativity to create photographs or patterns that will give readers a new perspective every time they see your campaign.

Design is Sales

A picture design is worth a thousand words

The most significant distinction between commercial design and artwork is its “purpose.”
The goal of art is to express emotions, but the goal of advertising design is to promote items or brands.

Our experience in promoting gives us an advantage. We will first analyze your company’s background, product characteristics, and primary consumer groups before designing, in order to create according to the distinctive taste of this customer group, and make “design” your strongest sales tool.

Design is Mission

Create a colorful universe by customizing your products

Design is not simply a job or a career for us; it is also an interest and a mission.
We stepped out onto the street and were greeted by colorful buildings and great businesses, which made us joyful and at ease. This is the result of innumerable designers’ blood, sweat, and tears.

While you market your business, we hope to carry on the designer’s mission by making the world a more beautiful place through our design.

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