Shoot your product with professional equipment. The photographer precisely shows the product’s qualities based on the kind and outline of the object, as well as the mix of light and shadow, so that the static product is vibrant in the photo.

Product photography

Highlight product features and make images appealing to customers.


  • Simple blemish removal
  • removing the background
  • As needed, change the photo size.
  • Extra HK$15 for each reflecting product for professional studio lighting
  • Extra preparations for special effects are negotiable.

Reference price:

5-20 pics

HKD $130/pic

21 pics or above

HKD $110/pic

*We will adapt distinct design/photography plans to each customer’s demands; the preceding content is for reference only.

10 working days

For orders of less than 100 pieces, it is expected that the shooting will be completed within 10-14 working days of receiving the goods.

Creative consultant

Consultants provide professional advise to consumers and demonstrate their design capabilities, increasing customer attractiveness and market competitiveness.

Responsive Web Format

Additionally, compressed PNG images that correspond to the web page format and SEO settings are provided.

Free Cloud backup

After completion, the photo file will be sent via Google Drive and a 365-day backup service will be provided.

Model & Fashion Photography

We provide an all-inclusive service that includes model fashion photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, production managers, high-end retouching, and our in-house model agency database, which allows clients to browse model portfolios, shortlist, and select their preferred fashion models.

Unleash Power of Virtual Tour

We also provide the Customized virtual tour which hosted in a private server. The Customized VR can display any kind of space such as an exhibition or outdoor space. For the Customized VR, hotspots can be tagged on the product and link with any webpage. Customized VR is an innovative way to showcase your products on the homepage.


Every successful decision begins with Enquiry

After receiving the inquiry, we will call you back during office hours.

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