Hove Studio, with the greatest degree of professionalism in the videography industry, excels at every stage of event planning and implementation. Our priority is to ensuring that the event experience is tailored to your audience in an engaging and one-of-a-kind style, while also meeting all of your demands and specifications. We build virtual events that bring people together, promote progress, and even produce profit.

Product video production

Use dynamic videos to show your product from multiple angles


  • Video production and editing
  • Basic animation and special effects as background music
  • If no particular requirements exist, export to mp4 format.
  • As needed, provide photography assistants.
  • Extra preparations for special effects are negotiable.

Reference price:

Non-reflective products,10 seconds

HKD $2,000 up

Reflective products,10 seconds
HKD $2,500 up

*We will create distinct design/producer plans to the demands of each customer; the above content is provided for reference only.

14 working days

For orders of less than 100 pieces, it is expected that the shooting will be completed between 14-18 working days after receiving the goods.

Video Consultant

The first stage in creating a compelling video marketing campaign is pre-production and creative services. We can create the greatest video marketing for your brand with proper pre-production. Concept development, script writing, storyboarding, pre-interviewing, talent scouting, location scouting, marketing tactics, and scheduling are among the services offered. We work with you to develop world-class visual storytelling that converts. We can accommodate any budget.


We will give on-site help for general outdoor shooting operations to ensure a seamless shooting procedure.

Video Platform

As needed, assist with uploading to video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Drone Filming

We are a group of aerial cinematography experts. Our goal is to provide you with the footage you want from a different perspective. We specialize in aerial cinematography for feature films, television shows, concerts, commercials, and advertisements, among other things.

Video Production

Hovel Studio offers customers quality video producing services. Fashion photography, corporate videos, advertising videos, television commercials, live broadcasts, and so on. Inquiries are welcome. We have an independent shooting team and equipment, with no intermediate fees.


Every successful decision begins with Enquiry

After receiving the inquiry, we will call you back during office hours.

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